High Security Storage Tallinn

Tallinn High Security Vault allows you to own precious metals in a vault of the highest security level, combined with the convenience of electronic trading. When you buy silver coins, the items are immediately stored in your name in a guarded, private vault made by the traditional Austrian company Wertheim. Expand your holdings online with a few clicks, or a quick phone call. Sell, transfer, or reclaim your precious metals at any GVS branch & warehouse worldwide.Precious metals are held by a separate company that insures the total value and conducts semi-annual inventory checks.


We will be happy to set up a new storage for you. To do this, simply click on "SET UP VAULT NOW" and enter your data. An employee will contact you by phone or send you a ready-made storage contract with the storage number. You only have to sign and return it.


In the following documents you will find more information about the GVS Bullion storage program. In addition to the table of prices, a blank storage agreement, our GTC, the latest audit report and our safe certificates are available for download.


Teil IV - Schutz vor Inflation durch echte Sicherheit mit Gold & Silber - Interview mit GVS-Chefökonom

Lagerexperte Christian Trinker spricht im Interview mit Chefökonom der Goldvorsorge/GVS Bullion Group & Präsidenten des Gold Standard Instituts Thomas Bachheimer über das Thema Inflation.

Christian Trinker Bild
Teil III - Schließfächer und meldefreie Alternativen

Lagerexperte Christian Trinker über das Schließfachregister, die Einlagerung von Wertgegenständen in Bankenschließfächern und warum man auf Hochsicherheitslagerung setzen sollte.

Christian Trinker Bild
Teil II - Wie richte ich mein GVS-Hochsicherheitslager ein?

Lagerexperte Christian Trinker spricht über die Besonderheiten der Hochsicherheitslagerung der GVS. Auch erklärt er, wie man sich sein eigenes Hochsicherheitslager einrichten kann.