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Smart Investor Interview Goldvorsorge Bachheimer
GVS chief economist in an interview with derstatus.at

The recent BRICS summit represents a real turning point: Away from the "world police USA", towards a multipolar world. The plan for de-dollarisation is impressive and has a high chance of success in view of the economic power of the emerging alliance. Thomas Bachheimer, the chief economist of "Goldvorsorge.at", was the only Austrian at the meeting in Johannesburg (South Africa). In the "Der Status" interview, the expert, who now lives in Dubai, describes his impressions and explains why the departure from the previous world order is tantamount to a "revolution in economic history" and how Europe can hold its own in this mixed situation.

Possible gold revaluation through new BRICS currency

LIVE from the BRICS Summit: In an interview with OE24, Goldvorsorge Chief Economist Thomas Bachheimer talks about the latest developments around the BRICS countries and how likely a gold revaluation through a new BRICS currency is.

Silberpreise Video
Why silver prices could explode despite the risk of recession

The weak precious metal prices of the last few weeks have once again triggered a "Isn't silver much too cheap? In this video, Thomas Bachheimer analyses why the "too cheap" question is justified, describes the unusual dominance of the big players (on the stock exchanges) in price formation, the "other activities" of the bullion banks, US government, US mint and explains why there should still be a strong rally in silver in 2023 - despite a veritable danger of recession.

Smart Investor Interview Goldvorsorge Bachheimer
GVS Chief Economist interviewed by Smart Investor

European President of the Gold Standard Institute and Gold Provision Chief Economist Thomas Bachheimer talks about gold, currency reform and inflation in an interview with Smart Investor.

Thomas Bachheimer
GVS Chief Economist interviewed by AUF1

Thomas Bachheimer, chief economist at Goldvorsorge, has been living in Dubai since last year. Here he has gained completely new insights into the Arab world and sees the developments in Europe even more critically than before. In an AUF1 special with Bernhard Riegler, he discusses Saudi Arabia's plans to replace Europe as a business location and explains what the Saudi royal family's "Vision 2030" is all about. He reports on NEOM and the gigantic futuristic desert city "The Line", which is currently being built. Bachheimer sees a "Monte Carlo with productivity" emerging on the Arabian Peninsula. Europe, on the other hand, will remain only the "role of Moldova"...

GVS chief economist interviewed by RTV

In an interview with RTV, Goldvorsorge chief economist Thomas Bachheimer fathoms why the recession is the lesser of our worries, why the energy crisis is not an energy crisis but a political crisis and why we are on the verge of a new financial and debt crisis.


PlayGVS-High Security Storage

The ultimate protection against forced restructuring, real estate crisis, inflation and banking crises

Impending banking crises, skyrocketing construction interest rates, coming forced renovations, opaque heating laws: The next real estate crisis is just around the corner. Protect yourself now from the coming financial crash with gold. In our latest video you will learn how gold can be your shield against coming crises, especially against the threatening scenario of galloping inflation and the real estate crisis.

Buy SILVER, pay 0% tax NOW, store safely, properly, duty free!

Buy silver at 0% tax in your tax-free bonded warehouse! Storing silver is the best crisis protection. Secure your savings for yourself and your family. In this video, storage expert Christian Trinker presents the most important advantages against inflation and tax increases.

Part IV - Protection against inflation through real security with gold & silver - interview with GVS Chief Economist

Stock expert Christian Trinker talks about inflation in an interview with Chief Economist of Goldvorsorge/GVS Bullion Group & President of the Gold Standard Institute Thomas Bachheimer

Christian Trinker Bild
Part III - Locker register, lack of locker security, report-free alternatives

Storage expert CHristian Trinker on the safe deposit box register, storing valuables in bank safe deposit boxes and why you should go for high-security storage.

Christian Trinker Bild
Part II - How to set up my GVS high security storage system?

Storage expert Christian Trinker talks about the special features of GVS's high-security storage. He also explains how to set up your own high-security storage facility.

Christian Trinker Bild
Part I - Corona times and their impact on high security storage of precious metals

Since 2003, GVS Bullion Group has been offering the highest level of security and discretion in providing for the future of all investors, traders, companies and banks. This video is the first part of a series about high security storage at GVS.


PlayPresentations from the GVS Chief Economist

World reserve currency in trouble. Are the BRICS countries taking over?

Gold Provision Chief Economist Thomas Bachheimer spoke on 26.6.2023 in Graz about the BRICS countries, the monetary system, the banking crisis and the world reserve currency, among other things.

Gewinn Messe
Questions and answers on all topics

Gold provision chief economist Thomas Bachheimer, storage expert Christian Trinker and expert for monetary affairs, bond market and currencies Theo Soetl answered questions on all topics from the guests after the presentations.

Dangers of the monetary system and gold as inflation protection

Gold provision chief economist Thomas Bachheimer spoke on 17.3.2023 in Hallwang about the danger of the monetary system and gold as inflation protection.

Inflation vs. inflation, new financial architecture, gold ban?

Gold provision chief economist Thomas Bachheimer spoke on 16.3.2023 in Leonding about, among other things, gold as protection against "external effects", BRICS states and the development of a new financial architecture.

GVS Finanzkongress
GVS Finance Congress 2022 - Panel Discussion

On 25 June 2022, GVS, in cooperation with bachheimer.com, organised the first GVS Finance Congress "Die Karten werden neu gemischt?". Well-known speakers such as Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, Prof. Thorsten Polleit, Mag. Gregor Hochreiter and Dr. Keith Weiner shared their views and insights on the coming events in the financial markets and monetary system with the participants.

GVS at the GEWINN trade fair: Investing brilliantly

Gold provision chief economist Thomas Bachheimer and storage expert Christian Trinker at the GEWINN trade fair 2021 with a presentation on asset protection with precious metals. Thomas Bachheimer talks about rising commodity prices and gold as inflation protection, among other things. Christian Trinker talks about high-security storage of precious metals.

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