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A gold / silver purchase has the best long-term valuation everywhere. Our recommendation - GVS Bullion Group. As the official distributor of the world's leading mints, GVS distinguishes itself through immediate availability and convinces in Europe with the most comprehensive range for precious metal investment. Together with Goldvorsorge in Austria, Silbervorsorge in Germany and numerous other brands, an international alliance for precious metals was formed. This alliance is called GVS Bullion Group. With its versatile and tailored services, the GVS Bullion Group is successful on the global markets. Every year, 10,000 customers trust in their decades of experience. Detailed advice in all areas of precious metals is always at the forefront of the GVS.

GVS Bullion Group provides private investors with easy and secure access to precious metals. Customers receive personal consulting in all areas of physical investment. A variety of offices, global shipping options or highly secured storage facilities are available.

Why choose GVS Bullion Group?

Purchase, sale , gold, silver ... You will receive competent answers to all questions in a pleasant atmosphere. Benefit from the knowledge of 20 years of experience.

Discreet Entrance
Leaving street stores leads to unwanted observations. Our stores allow unobserved coming and a relaxed way home.

Live Prices
Our prices are tied to the current precious metal rates to the minute. We guarantee the price at the time of your order. Likewise at night and on weekends.

GVS combines secure precious metal storage with global flexibility. Past crises have proven the importance of this system. You too, like 1000 other customers, can rely on Real Security.

Buyback Guarantee
We guarantee the repurchase of all precious metals purchased from GVS. In addition, we buy bars and coins of all manufacturers, as well as jewelry and scrap gold. Authenticity check and purchase calculation are always free of charge and without obligation.

All Currencies
All currencies are perishable except one. This one has existed since the Big Bang and has outlasted all other currencies. No matter what currency you have, you can exchange it with us.

16x in Europe
Conduct your business or receive consulting and GVS services in 16 offices all across Europe. Learn how GVS customers use this office network to their advantage.

Largest Selection
Precious metals are in stock in every size. Over 200,000 customers invest in the best products with GVS. Starting from gifts up to million investments.

International Delivery
Our own logistics center assures you of fast and extensive delivery of your order to any corner of the world. We are also happy to plan special transports and pick-ups in personal consultation.

International Partnerships
GVS links all the major mints in the world for its customers. This gold network is available to every customer and provides a balance to the globalized banking world.

Rare Earths
The whole world needs them, but almost no one has them - The rare earths. GVS imports, certifies and safely stores these raw materials for you. In times of inflation, limited goods have an invaluable value.

Authenticity Testing
GVS is always up to date with the latest science and knows all counterfeiting methods. For authenticity testing, GVS uses equipment from its own development.

GVS offers other precious metal dealers a wholesale partnership with a modern real-time trading interface. This can be used by traders on all continents.

Independent news is the basic prerequisite for forming an informed opinion. The GVS news agency ensures that this service is available to all citizens. 1 million views per month confirm the need.

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Thomas Bachheimer is the Chief Economist of GVS

GVS Finanzkongress: Die Karten werden neu gemischt

Erstmalig LIVE in Wien! Am 25.6.2022 von 9:30 - 18:30 Uhr findet der GVS Finanzkongress statt. Zu den Speakern zählen Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, Dr. Keith Weiner, Dr. Thorsten Polleit uvm. Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihre Teilnahme!

Ewald Stadler im Interview mit GVS-Chefökonom

Thomas Bachheimer im Gespräch mit dem Juristen und Ex-Politiker Mag. Ewald Stadler. Gewohnt scharfsinnig und -züngig erstellt Mag. Stadler eine unaufgeregte Analyse über die Politik in Österreich und Europa. Weiters sprechen wir über den Ukraine-Konflikt, die Rolle des Westens und über die Kirche.

Schutz vor Inflation durch echte Sicherheit mit Gold & Silber - Interview mit GVS-Chefökonom

Lagerexperte Christian Trinker spricht im Interview mit Chefökonom der GVS Bullion Group & Präsidenten des Gold Standard Instituts Thomas Bachheimer über das Thema Inflation.

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