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Gold and Silver from your expert


+ Receive precious metals on site immediately upon payment
+ over-the-counter transactions
+ Excellent prices for sales and purchases
+ Insured delivery to your door, all over Europe
+ Pick-up anytime in Vienna, Salzburg, Graz and Budapest
+ Appointments in Frankfurt, Passau, Linz and Munich
+ In-house logistics department for safe shipping
+ Buy and Sell around the clock
+ at the most up to date price
+ no additional costs
+ all currencies accepted (USD, CAD, AUD, SGD, ...)
+ We do not archive customer data. No login neccessary
+ Extensive, competent consultation
+ Swift processing even of larger quantities
+ Over 15 years of experience       

High security storage of precious metals


+ professional storage independent from banks

+ highest security standards at all storage facilities

+ Professional security service present around the clock


+ stored goods are insured

+ Versatile disposal options

Buy / Sell / Pick-up / Delivery anytime


+ bonded storage of white metals
   Silver, Palladium & Platin
+ buy and sell without VAT (tax free)  

+ access to world wide storage network
   Boston, New York, Kloten, Frankfurt, Tallinn, Singapore
+ Swift redeposition to partnered storage facilities worldwide
+ excellent conditions  

GVS worldwide bullion wholesale & logistics



+ wholesale conditions for resellers
+ individual logistics solutions
+ best conditions
+ wide variety of products
+ immediate delivery upon payment

+ best support for funds and endowments
+ 10 years of experience in trading of large quantitites

+ Effective logistics solutions within the EU
High value cargo transport around the world
+ Price fixing for traders & jewellers
+ non-destructive testing of precious metals 


Overview from A to Z:


About us:
All mercantile details


The best way to our stores, easily accessible, free parking

Buy precious metals in a discrete manner
Combi bar:
Innovative solution due to flexible unit management. At you receive combi bars in gold and silber by coiners Valcambi (CH) and ESG (GER)
Conditions: Our terms of business are short and easily understandable
Get to know everything about precious metals at our head office, or via phone, for free
We accept all currencies
Facebook: Social media news feed regarding everything about the financial crisis
Buy or sell Gold around the clock here in our online shop
Gold bar:
Proved, LBMA certified, tradable worldwide at best conditions by Austrian Mint, Argor Heraeus and Perth Mint
Gold coin:
We offer “Philharmonics”, “Maple Leaf”, “Krugerrand”, “American Eagle” and many more. Available in different sizes.
Opening hours: 
Buy or sell precious metals during these times at our stores. Saturdays included
Also available in our shop
Quick, unbureaucratic  handling, online shop, news , consultation and more
Silver Available as silver bars and silver coins. Particularly popular: Silver Philharmonics by Austrian Mint. With us, you always buy at the current silver price
Worldwide, neither risk of loss nor theft as buyer
Store your precious metals independent from banks. The safest place for your goods near Vienna
We offer tax-free storage
Wholesale trade:
We receive our precious metals from coiners directly and offer excellent conditions for wholesale trading. Ask for our trader conditions.

Commodity prices in DOLLAR:


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Commodity price in EURO:



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Current Exchange Rate:

EUR/USD  (24 hours)
EUR/USD (Euro / US-Dollar) Währung Chart
Kursanbieter: FXCM

EUR/USD  (3 Years)
EUR/USD (Euro / US-Dollar) Währung Chart
Kursanbieter: FXCM



Exchange rate adjusted (= actual)  gold chart  in Euro. (click to open) 

Exchange rate adjusted (= actual)  silver chart  in Euro. (click to open) 


Goldvorsorge SOOS
Handelskai 94
Stiege 4, 5.OG
A – 1200 Vienna

Tel.: 01 / 33 050 33
+43 / 1 / 33 050 33


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