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GVS North Europe OÜ
Jõe tn 4c - 35 (3rd floor)
10151 Tallinn

Tel. +372 60 26592

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9:00am - 6:00pm


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GVS is located on the third floor of the yellow courtyard building behind Pro Kapital Ärikeskus on Narva mnt 13.

Tram 1-4: Exit at Hobujaama stop. Walk east on Narva mnt for 400 meters until you reach the Jõe intersection. Turn left at the intersection and at the next opportunity turn right at Europark, or walk through Pro Kapital Ärikeskus, 8 minutes walk.

By car: Tallinn - Pärnu -Ikla Route 4 north to Tallinn. Turn right on Liivalaia. Go straight on Jõe and turn right to the branch.

Sufficient number of parking places can be found around the building on the Europark parking lot.

Why you should choose GVS North Europe

Purchase, sale , gold, silver ... You will receive competent answers to all questions in a pleasant atmosphere. Benefit from the knowledge of 20 years of experience.

Over-the-counter business
This branch handles anonymous over-the-counter transactions.

Discreet entrance
Leaving street stores leads to unwanted observations. Our stores allow unobserved coming and a relaxed way home.

High security storage
GVS combines secure precious metal storage with global flexibility. Past crises have proven the importance of this system. You too, like 1000 other customers, can rely on Real Security.

More information

Precious metal testing
All items are tested for authenticity.

Testing equipment for precious metals can also be purchased in this store.

Buyback Guarantee
We guarantee the repurchase of all precious metals purchased from GVS. In addition, we buy bars and coins of all manufacturers, as well as jewelry and scrap gold. Authenticity check and purchase calculation are always free of charge and without obligation.

All currencies
All currencies are perishable except one. This one has existed since the Big Bang and has outlasted all other currencies. No matter what currency you have, you can exchange it with us.

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Worldwide delivery
Our own logistics center assures you of fast and extensive delivery of your order to any corner of the world. We are also happy to plan special transports and pick-ups in personal consultation.

Debit card / Credit card
Card payment is possible in this branch.

It should be noted that the charges of your bank are added.


Buy and sell gold and silver at GVS in Tallinn

Elevate your precious metal investments with GVS in Tallinn, your trusted and highly qualified partner in the realm of precious metal investment. Are you looking to buy gold or silver coins to diversify your portfolio? Seeking a reliable "safe haven" against inflation? Look no further, as GVS is your ideal destination. Our Tallinn branch, located at city center, offers a comprehensive selection, featuring a variety of common gold and silver coins, along with bars to meet your investment needs. Additionally, explore attractive opportunities to invest in platinum and palladium, essential metals in the industry. Trust GVS for a diverse range of high-quality precious metal products in Tallinn, all at very competetive prices.

Personal Consultation from the GVS Tallinn Office

Do you have questions about investment bars or coins, gold, silver, platinum, palladium or how to test gold for authenticity? It is important for us to offer you a comprehensive service through personal consultation in different languages (Estonian, Russian, English, Serbo-Croatian) around your precious metal investment in Tallinn. We will help you to find the perfect investment of gold and silver in order for you to make the best financial decision.

Wide range of precious metals in Tallinn

Explore an wide selection of precious metals at our Tallinn branch, featuring renowned brands like Valcambi, Heraeus, Argor, and Perth Mint. Choose from a diverse selection of gold and silver bars, coins, platinum, and palladium. Our Tallinn office proudly stocks iconic investment classics like Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Vienna Philharmonic, Kangaroo, and Britannia, providing you with options from one gram to a kilogram. Additionally, we offer high-quality accessories for gold and silver enthusiasts. Rest assured, our commitment to authenticity is reinforced by modern testing equipment capable of swiftly detecting gold forgeries and other rare earths such as germanium and gallium, all readily available in our stock. Trust GVS in Tallinn for a comprehensive and secure precious metal shopping experience.

Top price-performance ratio and 24 hours current gold price

Count on transparent and competitive pricing at GVS Tallinn, where our prices are dynamically linked to the real-time gold price, operating 24 hours a day. Whether you choose gold Kangaroo, Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Britannia, Philharmonic, or opt for bars from reputable sources like Valcambi, Heraeus, Argor Heraeus, the Australian Perth Mint, or the Austrian Mint, we guarantee you the most current and competitive prices. Our commitment to fairness is unwavering; our product prices are consistently synchronized with the prevailing rates of the respective precious metals. Trust GVS in Tallinn for transparent and real-time pricing, ensuring you make informed and economically sound investment decisions.

GVS high security storage especially for precious metals with the highest level of security

Since 2003, GVS Group has been a beacon of security and discretion, dedicated to securing the future of investors, traders, companies, and banks. Leveraging our extensive experience, we have crafted and implemented a unique array of crisis hedges, setting a benchmark unrivaled in Europe. Situated in the heart of Europe, GVS has established an international warehouse network, trusted by over a thousand warehouse customers. As a specialist in security during times of crisis, GVS Group stands as one of the largest international operators of high-security storage.

Our storage company operates independently from our trading arm, ensuring the utmost focus on the security of your assets. Entrust your precious metals to our insured and experienced hands, and we'll diligently safeguard your wealth. Our storage facilities are not only highly secure but also remarkably flexible, tailored to our clients' needs. You have the freedom to add, modify, or remove powers of attorney for family members at any time. Should you ever feel the need for enhanced security, we facilitate seamless transfers of your stored precious metals from one location to another, offering expert advice at our Tallinn branch. Store your silver bars and coins in a GVS bonded warehouse, relishing in the highest security standards through our bank-independent safekeeping of your precious metals. Your peace of mind is our priority at GVS Tallinn.

Detect false gold through our modern precious metal testing.

Experience authenticity verification with GVS bullion tester, a cost-effective solution for detecting counterfeit precious metals instantly. Whether it's gold or silver, ensure authenticity within seconds. Additionally, at Goldvorsorge in Munich, avail our expert testing services for gold jewellery, old gold, and silverware, with the option for immediate sale.

Sale of gold and silver in Tallinn

GVS not only buys precious metals for investment but also offers a quick and convenient selling process. You can sell your old gold and silver coins, along with other precious metals, through our online store or at our Tallinn branch. Opt for in-person selling at our Tallinn branch, and you'll receive immediate cash payment for the invoiced amount. Trust GVS for a straightforward and efficient selling experience, ensuring quick access to the value of your precious metals.

24 hours current gold price

Our prices are tied to the current gold price, ensuring real-time accuracy down to the minute. Whether it's day or night, weekends included, rest assured that the price you see is the price you'll get when you place your order.

Transparent online purchase of gold and silver

Transparency is a core principle at GVS. Whether purchasing precious metals through our web shop or in our brick-and-mortar store in Tallinn, we prioritize quick, straightforward, and crystal-clear transactions.

Tallinn relies on gold and silver

Gold and silver are not just viewed as essential forms of security and future provision by the people of Tallinn. You too can depend on precious metals! Our team at the Tallinn branch is eager to provide guidance on the sale and purchase of gold and silver in Tallinn, secure storage solutions for your precious metals, and any other related topics. Trust GVS Tallinn for expert advice and support in navigating the world of precious metal investments.