Buy gold & silver kaufen in Düsseldorf

Silbervorsorge / GVS Germany GmbH
Prinzenallee 7 / 4th upper floor
40549 Düsseldorf

Tel. +49 1523 139 60 80

Opening hours:


9:00am - 5:00pm


9:00am - 5:00pm

Via A59 exit Düsseldorf on B8 to Brüsseler Straße on B7, 7 minutes to the branch.
Via A52 exit Essen / Airport Düsseldorf-Nord / T.-Heuss-Brücke / D-Seestern, 1 min to the branch.
Via A46 Exit 23 / Düsseldorf-Bilk-Hafen, 8 minutes to the store.

Subway stop Prinzenallee, on foot 5 min.

Ample free public parking in front of the house.
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Filiale München-Bild
Filiale München-Bild
Filiale München-Bild

Why you should choose Silbervorsorge

Buyback Guarantee
We guarantee the repurchase of all precious metals purchased from GVS. In addition, we buy bars and coins of all manufacturers, as well as jewelry and scrap gold. Authenticity check and purchase calculation are always free of charge and without obligation.

Over-the-counter business
This branch handles anonymous over-the-counter transactions.

Purchase, sale , gold, silver ... You will receive competent answers to all questions in a pleasant atmosphere. Benefit from the knowledge of 20 years of experience.

Discreet Entrance
Leaving street stores leads to unwanted observations. Our stores allow unobserved coming and a relaxed way home.

Precious metal testing
All items are tested for authenticity.

Testing equipment for precious metals can also be purchased in this store.

All currencies
All currencies are perishable except one. This one has existed since the Big Bang and has outlasted all other currencies. No matter what currency you have, you can exchange it with us.

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Worldwide delivery
Our own logistics center assures you of fast and extensive delivery of your order to any corner of the world. We are also happy to plan special transports and pick-ups in personal consultation.

High security storage
GVS combines secure precious metal storage with global flexibility. Past crises have proven the importance of this system. You too, like 1000 other customers, can rely on Real Security.

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Gold loan
Gold is very important for the future. Nevertheless, it can happen that you need money at short notice. With a gold loan we support you in this.

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Debit card / Credit card
Card payment is possible in this branch.

It should be noted that the charges of your bank are added.