Exchange gold for money at short notice. At any time, quickly and unbureaucratically

In the course of a gold sale, you exchange gold for money in the short term. At a fixed time you buy back the gold at the agreed price.

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Simply come to one of our offices with your articles. You will immediately receive your credit voucher including the amount paid out in cash or by bank transfer. We will also be happy to send you all the details in advance by e-mail. Precious metal collection at your address by our courier is also possible.

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Flexible Runtime
You will receive an order in the office to buy back the articles with the agreed payment term. The term is freely selectable up to one year. It is also possible to repurchase the precious metals earlier or to dispose of them through a sale.


Buyback of same articles guaranteed
You will know the price to buy back the articles in advance. This price is 100% hedged by us, no matter how the commodity prices develop during the term. You are guaranteed to get back articles of the same type at the agreed price. On request, a conversion to other articles is also possible.


Favorable sale / purchase
The entire settlement takes place without additional fees and always on the basis of the current commodity prices.

Example 1: Ms Steiner

Ms. Steiner owns quite a bit of gold. Mrs. Steiner's car suddenly breaks down. A new car would cost just over 30,000 euros. The car purchase should be done quickly now, because she has to drive it to work. Bank financing would be very expensive and inconvenient. In about 11 months, a life insurance policy expires and Ms. Steiner will then have sufficient money at her disposal.

Ms. Steiner sells to the GOLDVORSORGE some of her coins. On the next day Ms. Steiner receives approximately 34,000, - euro transferred from the GOLDVORSORGE, with which she can accomplish the desired car purchase. It commits itself further at the latest in one year the gold coins again to buy back. For this the purchase price (=gold price) is already fixed now. If the gold price should rise this year, then she does not have to pay more for the gold, since the price is fixed. In 11 months Ms. Steiner receives the money from her life insurance. She transfers the fixed purchase price to the GOLDVORSORGE. Now she gets all the gold coins back again.

Example 2: Mr. Mayer

Mr. Mayer's neighbor is selling his large house. With a quick settlement, Mr. Mayer would get the house very cheap. Mr. Mayer would have to sell his gold articles to be able to afford this house. In half a year an inheritance is paid out, with which he could buy gold again.

The GOLDVORSORGE pays the money for the house purchase immediately to Mr. Mayer and receives his gold articles for it. Further it commits itself in 6 months the gold coins again to buy back. For this the gold price is already fixed now, so that by the changes of the gold price no disadvantage develops.



What ist he longest term?
We can make the term from 1 month to maximum 12 months.


What kind of gold coins or gold bars can I use?
Actually all of them. We prefer commercial products.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount?
We have a minimum amount of 20.000,- Euro. The highest possible payout amount is 800.000,- Euro. For projects that require higher amounts we ask for an appointment.


What about collector coins?
We cannot take into account any collector's value. We calculate everything solely according to the current gold value. Also a consideration of years is not possible, because it would be too complex.


What gold coins or gold bars do I get back?
You will get back the same products. For example, a gold American Eagle remains a gold American Eagle. Likewise, a 250 gram Heraeus gold bar remains a 250 gram Heraeus gold bar.


How quickly will I receive the money?
Immediately. After receiving the articles, we will check the authenticity and create the orders. After your OK the bank transfer will be made.


Can I also use silver?
Basically yes, as long as the silver is in a bonded warehouse. Otherwise, gold is to be preferred. In any case, when using silver, the details should be discussed in advance with one of our lending experts.