High security vault Vienna

High security vault Vienna allows you to own precious metals in a vault with the highest level of security, combined with the convenience of electronic trading. When you purchase silver, the items are immediately stored in your name in a guarded, private vault manufactured by Wertheim, a traditional Austrian company. Expand your holdings online with a few clicks, or a quick phone call. Sell, transfer, or retrieve your precious metals at any GVS branch & warehouse worldwide. Precious metals are held by a separate company that insures the total value and performs semi-annual inventory checks.





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Buy SILVER, pay 0% tax NOW, store safely, properly and tax free!

Buy silver at 0% tax into your tax free bonded warehouse! Storing silver is the best crisis protection. Secure your savings for yourself and your family. Storage expert Christian Trinker presents the most significant advantages against inflation and tax increases in this video.

Safe deposit box registry, non-reporting alternatives & risky safe deposit boxes

Christian Trinker on the safe deposit box register, storing valuables in bank safe deposit boxes and why you should opt for high security storage.

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How do I set up my high security storage at GVS?

High security storage at Goldvorsorge offers numerous advantages. Christian Trinker talks about the special features of high security storage and explains how to open a high security storage facility at GVS.



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