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Terms and conditions of use:

Following you find the terms and conditions of use of the company GVS Austria e.U.



Companies Headquarter:

Goldvorsorge SOOS
Millennium City
Handelskai 94-96, Stiege 4 / 5.OG
A-1200 Wien
Tel.: 0043 / 1 / 33 050 33

GVS Austria e.U., Firmenbuch HG Wien FN: 432921z, UID: ATU69200312 und DE815540049


Sub sequent the GVS Austria e.U. will also be called Company SOOS.

All offers of the company SOOS are without commitment and subject to change without notice.
Orders are valid after receiving the acceptance of order, the commercial invoice or the actual completion of the order. Company SOOS reserves the right to decline orders.

All prices are subject to the circumstances at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. All prices are EXW (ex works) Vienna. 

The customer is bound to arrange payment immediately after the order. Delay of payment is the case if payment does not arrive at company SOOS after five working days after date of order. In the case of payment delay, company SOOS can resign from the contract. All of the costs including interest for delay and losses due to price fluctuations will be claimed from the customer.

Company SOOS delivery is at the time if the shipping through company SOOS or a third party on behalf of company SOOS is dispatched within the period agreed. Further the delivery is at the time if the goods purchased are picked up by the customer or a third party on behalf of the customer. The acceptance of the delivery through the customer is equal to acceptance of delivery at time. Company SOOS may decide to provide partial shipments. Transfer of perils is at the time of pick up through the customer or a third party on behalf of the customer. Same applies for partial deliveries.

All of the shipments are insured. The buyer receives the details about the shipping by an E-Mail. At the time of acceptance of the shipment the buyer or the receiver has to control the intactness of the delivery and the sealing. In case of any faults the consignee has to get an affirmation from the deliverer in written form. Incomplete or lost shipments have to be reported immediately. If not the insurance expires.  

Orders of precious metals are NOT subject to cancellation or rescission.

The customer has no right of cancellation or rescission at contracts about goods or services, whose prices are dependent on price fluctuations on financial markets, on which the entrepreneur has no influence.

The exclusive court of jurisdiction is Vienna.

Company SOOS is not responsible for third party links. The responsibility for the content of external links is at their operators.


Goldvorsorge SOOS
Handelskai 94
Stiege 4, 5.OG
A – 1200 Vienna

Tel.: 01 / 33 050 33
+43 / 1 / 33 050 33

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