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G o l d v o r s o r g e   S O O S

Visit our headquarters in the shopping center "Millennium City" in Vienna or one of our stores in Salzburg or Graz. If you want to pay cash you can take the desired articles with you immediately. You can also order here in our online shop. There is no need for a Login (Registration). 
We guarantee discrete, anonymous and immediate transactions.
Furthermore personal consultancy and always the up to date gold price.

Profound market knowledge and wide experience over many years in customer care guarantee you an excellent consultancy, security and reliability.
--> Officially recognised investment advisor since 2002
--> Stock market specialist since 1996
--> Foreign currency credit consultant since 1998
--> Administration of business since 2003
--> Registered wholesale merchant for products of the Austrian Mint.
--> We take care of Europes biggest 
Facebook-Community discussing the economic crisis
--> Commercial Partner of, the biggest finance website for precious metals.

--> Consultancy for private persons and entrepreneurs during economic crisis  
--> Gold-Consultant for banks and investment advisors
--> Provider of high security bank independent storage solutions
--> Silver 0% VAT. using Silver Storage in bonded warehouses around the world
--> Gold storage and distribution for precious metals merchants 

Vienna's most experienced specialist on investment gold and silver
--> Chart analysis

Contact us for consultancy, by phone: 0043 / 1 / 33 050 33  

                                                       or via Mail:
                                                       or using the contact button on the left hand side.



1. Order
Right here in our online shop or by phone or e-mail. 

2. Confirmation
Monday till Friday, 8:00 AM till 6:00 PM the confirmation e-mail will be sent immediately after your order. Orders outside of our office hours will be answered next morning on working days. The price at the time of your order is the relevant price.   

3. Bank wire transfer or cash payment
You receive our bank account details immediately after you ordered. If you prefer to pay in cash, an appointment will be made.

4. Transport
Shipment will be made immediately after receiving your money transfer. Collection of all articles is constantly monitored (four eyes principle).

Receipt of the order
When you receive your order, please check the intactness of the seals. 




Goldvorsorge SOOS
Handelskai 94
Stiege 4, 5.OG
A – 1200 Vienna

Tel.: 01 / 33 050 33
+43 / 1 / 33 050 33


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